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We know that travel plays a vital role in life, so our teams from 80+ nations work tirelessly every day to build travel tech that enables you to get away more often. We reshape the way travellers search for accommodations and empower them to find the best deal.

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What’s in it for you when you join our team? Our people are our biggest assets and we like to treat them accordingly! Here’s what you need to know about benefits at trivago.

How We Recruit

There’s no one kind of trivago talent; and our recruiting process reflects just that. Our recruiting steps are customised to each job and its requirements and are designed to give every applicant an equal and fair chance to show us what they’ve got and what makes them unique. Reflecting the diversity of our users in our talent force helps us to create a meaningful product.

Working Culture

We’re a pretty diverse bunch, but our culture is our common ground ─ it unites us through shared values despite our different backgrounds. Our values are not a list of buzzwords behind glass that we “break in case of emergency”: they define how we work, interact, exchange and communicate with one another on a daily basis.

Our tech community is like no other, and we take pride in our guilds hosted by our very own tech experts! Have you ever wondered what it's like to moderate a guild? @dawchihliou shares his personal experience here:

In late 2022, we brought back one of our favorite tech events, the Tech Get Together, and it was big! 🚀
Get a glimpse of the highlights, challenges, and behind-the-scenes action in our latest blog post here

In a recent blog post on @ironhack's “Titans of Tech” series, our CTO @jaro_bl shared his thoughts on what it takes to become a good leader. Read the full article:

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Our Tech

We are home to over 500 tech specialists from all corners of the globe, who wake up every day to build a hotel search that is straightforward, simple-to-use and unbiased. 

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Location & Relocation

Our campus in Düsseldorf’s thriving and fast-developing Media Harbour serves as our headquarters and is home to our team of international talents from all over the world.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We’re committed to fostering an all-inclusive workplace, because we know representing the diversity of our users in our talent force enables us to create a more meaningful product.

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