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We are home to over 300 tech specialists from all corners of the globe, who wake up every day to build a hotel search that is straightforward, simple-to-use and unbiased. Our engineers operate on a large-scale, complex, and rapidly evolving IT landscape.

tech at trivago
tech at trivago

Tech at trivago

Scalability, speed and efficiency are three key factors that influence our Software Engineering at trivago. Each engineer has their own area of focus which can involve developing high traffic web applications, setting up high performing database queries, or writing and optimising code for various browsers and connection speeds.

Our engineers love the challenges that their work presents to them on a daily basis and thrive in our agile environment where they can share their knowledge and work together to solve any problems that arise.

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Our Languages

We love to experiment with new technologies and we use the best in production for our large-scale system. From Kubernetes, Kafka, Go, and Kotlin in the backend over Redux, Melody, and GraphQL in the frontend, we use a wide variety of Open Source tools to maintain our multi-cloud platform.

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Open Source

We strongly believe in sharing knowledge not only internally, but also with the tech community around the world. This is one of the reasons why we support Open Source software through development. Sometimes we also make use of existing open source projects, as they make our lives way easier!

Tech Blog

Want to get a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges our software engineers and data scientists work on everyday? Our tech blog is the ideal place to talk about our ideas, our prototypes and our tech stack that turn our vision into reality!

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Our Stories

From regular tips for working with our most-used tech stack, to our latest tech blog articles, engineering news and updates on our events – join our growing community on Substack to stay updated about tech at trivago!