Data Scientist


“It’s been 365 days with 500,000,000 daily rows of data generated for me to crunch – I recently celebrated one fruitful year of working at trivago as a Big Data Analyst in the Ranking team, one of the most data intensive teams at trivago.

Almost a year after I switched from Business to Data Science, I was approached about a job as Big Data Analyst at trivago. In my pursuit of ‘making sense of numbers’, I only had one thought in my mind – how will this decision further shape my career switch? I decided to push my luck and go for it. You might think working with numbers could become cumbersome, but if you have the right people to motivate you with different perspectives and help you derive meaningful conclusions from terabytes of data, this job becomes your passion.

Now after a year at trivago, I’m taking on another challenge as part of my never-ending learning process – a remote MSc in Computer Science at the University of York. trivago’s support for my decision to study remotely even before COVID-19 hit has been immense and I’m thankful to have the opportunity to grow further to become a Data Scientist in such a forward-looking environment.”