Data Scientist


“Even though everybody in my country knew of the “Hotel? trivago!” ads, it never occurred to me that behind a simple hotel search engine there could be a huge Data Science team operating at a global scale. Millions of data being crunched every millisecond, algorithms computing all this data and reacting to every single change within a fraction of a second and updating hotels which were being searched by billions of users all over the world for their next trip.⁠

It was only by luck that I came across a video on Data Science at trivago on LinkedIn one day. I was working at a startup where we were struggling to set up a Data Science interview process and suddenly an idea came to my mind – what if I applied to a Data Science position at trivago to see how their process works? One thing led to another and within a few weeks I had an offer to move across continents from India to Germany and join trivago as a Data Scientist!⁠

Fast forward 1 year and I’ve had the opportunity to work in different teams, develop my skills as a Data Scientist, and have teammates and friends turn into family. Who would’ve guessed my experiment would lead to me finding a new home away from home!”⁠