Brand Media Buying Lead


“The most important thing I’ve learned at trivago so far is to stay flexible in an ever-changing world. I joined trivago as media buyer more than 4 years ago and currently lead the global media buying team who is responsible for growing trivago brand by investing into media channels.

Over the years, change has been constant, not only in industry and our business, but also for our marketing teams and myself. I switched responsibilities between different markets, channels and took on leadership roles. While our work environment has always been dynamic, it’s unique and important to see how marketing teams react to it: with resilience and fast decision-making. My experience in the media buying team has been the best example: during the pandemic, our team managed to apply their energy and strength in analytics and negotiations to the new challenges in TV marketing as well as to completely different projects that had an impact on brand growth and produced meaningful learnings for the company.

Our brand marketing teams have exciting plans to promote our product and I’m happy to lead the media buying team on the challenge of growing and evolving the trivago brand moving forward!”