IT Support


“I came to Germany in January 2015 with my wife and 2 kids. We moved here because my wife had the good fortune to be offered the opportunity to come work in Germany and bring the family with her.

trivago took some getting used to, due to the amount of freedom I get in my role and the philosophy of embracing everyone’s ideas. It was a stark contrast to my Air Force days and time spent working in a school where rules and processes are the name of the game. I like the constant changes here; there really is never a dull moment.

Being one of the older employees at trivago doesn’t make any difference to me or, I think, the other talents in my working relationships here. Some close colleagues call me Opa, but that’s part of the banter! After more than 4 years at trivago, I’m still thoroughly enjoying myself and I don’t want the dream to end.”