“After I graduated from high school my dad cut me a deal: I should study 3 years of law and then I could become a foreign correspondent – my dream job at the time. My dad was clearly smarter than me, because 7 years later I started as a fully-fledged lawyer in a big law firm.

Fast forward another 7 years to me waiting for my job interview at trivago. I immediately knew I liked it here – things seemed a little chaotic, but in a good way. Everyone was from different corners of the world. I still wouldn’t be reporting on CNN, but this was a step closer to the environment I envisioned myself in. 4 years later, things are definitely less chaotic, but it’s never boring! There are always new challenges and I’m still constantly learning – from building a legal team and supporting trivago through its IPO, to diving into Human Resources topics as CPO.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by incredible people – smart, driven, humble and always up for a laugh. Travel has seen better days, but I see this as an opportunity to navigate a crisis like I always imagined I would. 

All I can say is challenge accepted and I’m looking forward to shaping the future of travel with trivago!”