Javascript Developer


“I’ve been passionate about open source software since my college days and always wanted to work for a company that promotes and contributes to open source.

My journey to trivago started when I was selected to attend a Javascript Workshop by Kyle Simpson at trivago in August 2018. In this time, I not only sharpened my JS skills, but also got insight into the trivago culture and interacted with people from all around the world. I was inspired by the way people collaborate and how their diverse perspectives help solve challenges in a unique way.

A few months later I joined the team as a software engineer and became an active member of the trivago open source working group! I’ve had the opportunity to help maintain Melody, an open source JS library to develop user interface, and also got to present my open source work at an Open Source Conference last year. 

Besides my work on open source, I feel proud seeing my work help millions of trivago users to find their ideal accommodation. Especially in this time, it’s been great to contribute to high-impact projects like the Covid Travel Database that empowers travellers to navigate the latest travel restrictions.”