Operational Excellence Manager

Carolina M

“From Brazil to Germany, from fashion to project management, from discontent to living an exciting life outside my comfort zone, this has been my journey since I joined the trivago team a little over a year and a half ago.

I’ve always been a doer, a maker — the type who likes to imagine the concept, plan the operations, and bring things to reality — and nothing is better than being in a company that encourages the intrapreneurial spirit for me to explore my full potential. This freedom to propose solutions and challenge the status quo allowed me to embark on an exciting journey within trivago.

Usually, we have to take a few steps back before taking two steps forward when changing careers. I traded a management job in the fashion world for an internship as a Project Manager right after finishing my MBA in the subject. But I don’t call these three months the delay stage, I call them the impulse. In just a few months, I went from an Intern to a Project Manager in a team that covers company-wide strategies and operations at trivago.

And a few weeks ago, I have been invited by the trivago CTO to join his team as Operational Excellence Manager, to act as an in-house consultant, driving transformation processes, aiming for systematic solutions, and optimizing efficiency throughout the organization. I appreciate the opportunity, and I can’t wait to get started!

This story does not end here. I’m excited for the next chapters of this journey.”

Carolina Muradas, Operational Excellence Manager