Android Engineer


“Being a source of inspiration to those who look up to me and the urge to keep growing are two things that always driven me. This all stems from the first line of code I ever wrote, to interacting and giving back to the Android community in whatever capacity I can. ⁠

I was looking for a job in Android Development that would help me grow back home in Kenya. One day, I suddenly came across trivago’s Android Developer job while solving a bug on Stackoverflow. Moving to Germany was never part of my plan, but the thought of it thrilled me and trivago embodied everything I was looking for – fanatic learning being one of its core values is what totally checked the box for me.⁠

The Android team, being so diverse in their backgrounds, nationalities and experiences, also intrigued me, having only been a solo Android developer before. In this environment, I’m exposed to different ideas and perspectives of problems we tackle everyday and I have a chance to lead initiatives and give technical insights on how to build new and exciting user-facing features for the Android platform.”⁠