Engineering Manager


“As a software developer, learning is an integral part of my work. To build customer-centric products, you need to constantly stay up to date on the latest technologies and developments. So when I felt that I wasn’t learning much anymore in my previous job, I interviewed at trivago as I was intrigued by trivago’s core value of “Fanatic Learning”.⁠

After 4+ years, I have been a software engineer, a lead developer, an expert, and a team lead at trivago – safe to say I wasn’t disappointed!⁠

In engineering, we regularly exchange our learnings and experiences: We have guilds where engineers across different teams share best practices, and internal conferences like our trivago Tech Week where we get inspiration on all tech-related topics. Additionally, we have individual access to multiple online learning platforms, including all of O’Reilly, and our trivago library with relevant books and magazines. Using all of this knowledge enables us to create a product that reliably serves our millions of daily users.⁠

During my time here, I significantly broadened not only my technical skillset, but also my interpersonal skills. I am now leading a team of engineers which empowers me to learn more about the nuances of people leadership, and I look forward to seeing what might be next in my learning path at trivago.”⁠