iOS Engineer


“I’ve always been a very curious person that loves learning just for the sake of it.

I came across trivago’s job ad for an app developer on my hunt for a new place to work and grow. I had a master’s degree in computer science, but no clue about either iOS or Android. I applied anyway and got the job!

I started out as a total noob when it came to native app development, agile processes or even code reviews, but thanks to a personal mentor (Hi Nils!) that the team assigned to me from the very beginning, I learned more than I could ever imagine. After a few years I got involved in mentoring interns, onboarding newbies, doing interviews and contributing to initiatives as a tech lead.

When I needed an opportunity to grow, trivago even made it possible for me to take a peek into a product management role – I love that I’m still learning something new every day!”