Designer & Producer


“I believe what people call experience is in reality exposure.

I started at trivago in Brand Marketing as a media buyer, striving to optimize our media planning mix and efficiency. Three years later, I moved to Talent Acquisition, taking on the employer branding team which aims to establish trivago as one of the best employers. And I have to say, it is exciting to bring our performance marketing approach into our recruitment strategy.

At trivago, you are trusted to use your own judgement very early on. “Power of proof” is actually one of our core values and definitely the most important one to me. No matter which position I’ve been in, I’m pushed every day to support my vision and decisions with facts and data. But “power of proof” is more than just analyzing data – it is about the structured approach you take to breakdown problems and consider solutions. The more exposure you get on various topics across the company, the more equipped you are to understand the bigger picture and to connect the dots between different topics.

In the end, this exposure gives you the knowledge and the assurance to formulate the best argument. And the best argument should win, no matter who brought it to the table.”