UX Research Lead

Lydia P.

“My journey in the world of user experience has been dynamic and transformative. Starting as a quality assurance working student, I gained a strong foundation in ensuring product excellence and developed a passion for crafting exceptional user experiences. After graduating, I started as a UX Designer in e-commerce, specializing in UX Research. Motivated by personal growth, I briefly explored software development in an academic project on human-robot interaction. However, my desire to return to UX Research led me to seek the perfect role that aligns with my passion.

Joining trivago as a Senior UX Researcher marked an exciting milestone in my career. Being part of an established and experienced UX Research team is one of the many reasons I enjoy working at trivago. As the UX Research team grew, I have been entrusted with the opportunity to lead a newly formed team: Central UX Research. Leading the team is a rewarding experience, especially seeing the team’s development and the impact of our research.

My journey at trivago has been defined by continuous growth, exploration, and investigating interesting problem spaces within the UX Research team. Together, we are championing meaningful and exceptional travel experiences.”

Lydia Penkert, UX Research Lead