matthias t

“Already as a young kid I was fascinated by capital markets: I would check each morning in the newspaper how the major stock indices traded. I would check FX rates at the local bank branch and even took note of the gas price movements at our local gas station. The numbers somehow fascinated me.

When it was time to go to university, I decided to study mathematics. Soon I learned about financial derivates and how to model them. It became clear to me that I wanted to work for an investment bank. It turned out that it was a fascinating world with lots of ups and downs: Navigating through the Global Financial Crises, the almost Eurozone breakup and the Fukushima disaster, to name a few.

Over time, being part of a constant gradual decline, I started wondering what it would feel like to be part of a growing industry. I watched the tech industry develop from the distance, but couldn’t really figure out how it worked. After 7 years I decided it was time for a change. I knew the transition wouldn’t be easy – who would hire a finance guy as a software developer?

But I was lucky to learn about trivago. The company had everything I was looking for: a fast-growing pace, a unique culture, exciting industry, a digital business model and most importantly, they were exploring the opportunity to become a public company! Hence, I joined the IPO deal team, and at that time I didn’t know that another fascinating journey had just begun.

I had to learn every aspect of the company, helped to make it public, built up Strategy and Investor Relations, moved to Marketing and back to Finance, and all within three years. One thing never changed though: The opportunity to learn from and work with amazing people!”