Global AdTech and Analytics Specialist

I found my true passion in marketing when I left behind a stable career as industrial design engineer in my hometown of Ambato, Ecuador and moved to France to continue my studies.

After finishing my master’s, I started as a digital marketing intern in trivago’s display, email and affiliate marketing team, which evolved into a 4-year adventure that has lead me through various marketing roles. My curiosity combined with the guidance and versatility of great leaders and coworkers were the perfect boost for building a 360-marketing career, leading me from the business side to marketing technology and data analysis.

I’m currently the global AdTech and analytics specialist for the social media team, making sure that our data flow stays on track with the right tools and measurement solutions in trivago’s social media ecosystem. Working in the ever-changing digital world and such a fast-paced industry means my work is constantly evolving and I wouldn’t have it any other way!