Product Management Lead


“In a world of constant change, I’ve discovered that leadership can be an incredible force for navigating it. Whether as a human, a product manager, or a female lead in tech – across different contexts, I’ve faced the challenge of being told how things should be done a certain way. Recognizing the need for change and the opportunity within those moments, you face the decision to complain or propose – I choose the latter.

Born and raised in Brazil, I’ve been working with products and user experience since the beginning of my professional journey. Two years ago, I came to Germany to work as a Product Lead at trivago. Here, we talk a lot about ownership and accountability, and how to make people more connected with the impact they can create. That’s one of the most interesting things about leading people and products.

It can be that we won’t always have the power to completely turn things around, but if I have the chance to be there and influence, making things better one step at a time, I’d rather be. And I am very excited to support and empower more talented people to get there too.”

Raquel Santos, Product Management Lead