Project Manager


“Born and raised by the seaside in Romania, I moved to Bucharest to follow what I thought was my dream. I got a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and worked with inmates preparing for life outside of prison. A few years later I decided I needed a change and joined an IT company as an Administrative Assistant. I grew in and with that company for 6 years.

Then in 2017 trivago offered me the opportunity to join a new team that was going to focus on project development and internal operations for the Account Management team. I almost instantly said yes and in 2 months I moved to Dusseldorf. It’s a little over 2 years now and what I liked the most during this time was the freedom that I had to define my role and shape my journey in the company. I got involved in projects spanning from education, travel management, events organization to now being a Project Manager in charge of developing a CRM system.

So, when I tell people that I studied Social Work and that now I work as a Project Manager in trivago, I often get confused looks in response. But this is just how unpredictably wonderful life is and how trivago has embraced this and transformed it into a hub for innovation and creativity.”