Backend Engineering Lead


“I started working at trivago nearly 12 years ago when I was still in school and wanted to earn some extra money on top of my usual allowance. At that time I was already participating in computer science classes, and with trivago being an IT company in my hometown of Düsseldorf, all my requirements were fulfilled!

At the beginning I worked on the topic of price accuracy to ensure that our trivago users are actually able to book our advertised prices. Back in the day, we used to run manual tests to ensure our offers are legit, but by now we have a fully automated system to evaluate performance.

As our product evolved over the years, I also developed along the way and after pursuing my bachelor’s in computer science, I ultimately joined as a full-time backend developer. After a couple of years I got promoted to a lead position and now manage a team of 2 full timers and 5 students.

What stands out to me most from my journey at trivago so far is the diverse set of colleagues I’ve met throughout all these years. Working in a team with 5 different nationalities truly broadens your horizon and also strengthens us as a team.”

Saskia Keil, Backend Engineering Lead