Mobile software engineer


“It’s no surprise to me that I ended up doing software engineering, I was into computers and technology ever since I can remember!

My career journey started shortly before I finished my studies in Information Technology Engineering. After experimenting with various areas of software development, I decided to stick with mobile applications since I was always fascinated by how these little devices can be a portal to so many essential digital services.

Stepping into the German tech market was always in my career plan, and trivago was one of a few companies that have always interested me because I knew it would be a perfect place for my professional growth.

When the opportunity showed up, I couldn’t miss my chance! And here I am, more than one year later, I couldn’t have made a better decision. With the amount of trust, support, and flexibility I got in trivago, it’s no surprise how much my skills have grown since day one.”

Wajih Ajajeh, Mobile Software Engineer