Diversity & Inclusion

We’re committed to fostering an all-inclusive workplace, because we know representing the diversity of our users in our talent force enables us to create a more meaningful product.
diversity and inclusion

We are All-Inclusive

Our approach to Diversity and Inclusion is based on our purpose to “Empower people to get more out of life”. With people we refer to everyone. As a metasearch we empower a broad range of travelers to find their ideal accommodation. Representing the diversity of our users around the world in our talent force enables us to create a meaningful product. Offering an inclusive environment to our talents maximizes our potential for innovation and value creation. We believe in building the best teams and we know the best teams are diverse.

Inclusive Recruiting

Knowing that we as humans have set biases is one thing. Doing something about it is something else. At trivago, we’re aware of our biases and work hard to avoid their impact on our internal and external recruiting process. By ensuring bias-free language in job postings, using case studies in the recruitment process and having diverse panels in our interviews, we aim to ensure that we give all candidates, regardless of their age, nationality, gender, disability, beliefs or sexual orientation a fair chance. Once you join our team, we also work hard to provide a work environment that accommodates our diverse talent base.
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Reflecting the diversity of our users in our talent force helps us to create a meaningful product.

Affinity & Diversity Groups

We value authenticity and the uniqueness of every talent – in fact, we see it as a core asset of our success. That’s why we support different affinity and diversity groups that grow organically and are self-driven within our organisation. These include, for example, our LGBTQ+ Community, Parents@trivago, Women and Women in Tech. In collaboration with these groups, we put effort into education and awareness around diversity and inclusion, be it through celebrating important historical milestones together, or learning more about each topic through webinars or exchanges with experts.

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Female Ambassadors & Mentors in Engineering 

The female ambassadors and mentors in engineering (F.A.M.E.) is a growing group of around 15 trivago talents with deliberately widespread technical competencies. With this group, our mission is to establish female role models for the IT engineering profession. By regular sharing of their experience and career opportunities, the mentors can inspire, empower, and attract female talents to trivago or to tech careers in general. This initiative is part of our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy to increase the share of female tech talents at trivago, which is already above demographic average. Since its foundation in 2022, the group has been active in various conferences and panels, sharing their stories online and exchanging with mentees.

June 15, 2022-FAME@TRIVAGO

Our Stories

While many entrepreneurs dream of having an international business with global offices, we take a different approach by bringing talents from 75+ nations to our door in Düsseldorf. We call this Diversity of Thought — being able to bring different worldly perspectives and backgrounds under one roof to ensure that we truly have a global focus. From astrophysicists and artists to writers and software developers. From Southern Africa to the Nordics, and from the Far East to the Americas. Get to know the unique humans that work hard to keep our search engine running smoothly every day!

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Our Commitments

Diversity and Inclusion is a journey and we believe it requires continuous learning through exchanges within but also beyond trivago. By signing the Charta der Vielfalt and committing to The Valuable 500, we don’t only commit to diversity and inclusion, but also to sharing our journey with other like-minded companies and learning from each others’ challenges and approaches.