Job Families

We don’t like to keep our talents in boxes ─ that’s why we moved to “Job Families” to ensure our individuals’ identity and independence remain intact. Not sure which job family you’ll fit into yet? No worries! Scan through all of them below to find the one that suits you best.


Almost all decisions at trivago are backed up by power of proof. Without data, you are just another person with an opinion. Agree?

Customer Care

Our users make us incredibly happy. It is only fair we return the compliment.



Design at trivago goes beyond the visual, we create experiences that better expectations. Are you driven by the need to exceed?

Finance & Legal

Do you like to operate at the business end of things? We need people to make sure we stay out of trouble and in the black.

IT Operations & Support

The mediators between mammal and machine. On a really good day, we don’t even know this family exists.

Media & Marketing

We’re proud of what we do at trivago, and we want to share it with the world. This is where you come in.


Other Business Operations

Don’t let the name fool you ─ these people are the glue that holds us together! If you think you can help to create a work environment that makes our talents feel at home, this is for you!


People are probably trivago’s most important assets, at least until the robots take control. Until that day comes, our emotional beings need nurturing.

Product & Project Management

Every month, over 120 million users will rely on you to create and maintain the highest quality website possible. No pressure.

Sales & Accounts

We want to foster the best relationships with advertisers, whatever it takes. Do you go the extra mile?

Software Engineering

We love tech, and we ain’t afraid to use it. We turn ideas into reality, and work together to master complexity.

Open for something new?

You don’t know what job family you belong to, or you’re up for any opportunity?