Our Working Culture

We’re a pretty diverse bunch and our culture is our common ground – it unites us through shared values, despite different backgrounds. Find out how we live each of these values below!

We’re always developing

When you grow, we grow – so your development is our priority. We share candid feedback to recognize our weaknesses and strengthen our skill sets.
We’re quick to learn new things and eager to turn failures into lessons. We know that we’re never done growing.
working culture

We’re better together

We create strong, diverse teams that collaborate respectfully and efficiently. Each of us brings a different perspective. We inspire each other through our hard work and positive energy, and we never forget to have fun!

We put the customer first

Our customers are always top of mind. We understand their needs and deliver results they love. Whether they’re the users of our product or our internal stakeholders: we give our customers our best.

We’re ambitious

We set the bar high and are ready to take on any challenge that comes our way. We’re tenacious in the pursuit of our goals and strive for excellence in everything we do.

We take ownership

We’re given high levels of autonomy to own our contribution and bring the most value to trivago and its future. We take smart risks and always drive progress. Win or lose – we’re accountable for the outcome.