Our Working Culture

We’re a pretty diverse bunch and our culture is our common ground – it unites us through shared values, despite different backgrounds. Find out how we live each of these values below!


We want to build an environment in which mutual trust can develop and which gives us the comfort and safety to discuss matters openly and act freely. We embrace a positive attitude by trusting in one another, in our competencies and in our intentions. Trust empowers us to collaborate effectively. It gives us the confidence to positively embrace changes and the courage to take risks. It turns smart individuals into powerful teams. Trust makes us ambitious in accomplishing our common goals. 
working culture
working culture


We are authentic by staying true to ourselves and we do not just adapt to fit within trivago. We rather shape trivago by who we are and what we believe in. We welcome discussion and controversy as we believe that there is no progress without friction. We know that we can only make smart decisions when we put different perspectives together and when we fight for what we truly believe in. We value integrity over loyalty and we openly voice what we think instead of saying what others want to hear. 

Entrepreneurial Passion

Active over passive! We are action takers and feel responsible for making progress. We take full ownership for everything we do ─ both our failures and successes. Our mindset is open and forward-thinking ─ we are keen to progress and are positive about trivago’s future. We are passionate drivers of change, motivated to question the status quo for both the organization and ourselves. Our intrinsic motivation and the passion for what we do are our drivers for success. 
working culture
working culture

Power of Proof

We want to get to the bottom of everything and explore the driving forces behind why things succeed and why they fail. We always state our case and test things out, fail fast and keep learning from our experiences. Whether it be successes or failures, proof trumps position. Data is power! It helps us to identify impactful ideas and define what we want to focus on to create value for trivago. Making data transparent enables autonomy in decision making while staying aligned across teams.

Unwavering Focus

We strive to create a five-star experience for our customers. We are strongly committed to our mission and feel responsible for its accomplishment. High expectations and the motivation to exceed them pave the way towards its fulfillment. While we work and operate in autonomous units, we are aligned on the same direction, following our purpose. We set our priorities based on the added value for trivago. If we spark impact, we unwaveringly focus our energy on it and try to become a little better every day.

working culture
working culture

Fanatic Learning

We create and maintain our competitive edge by reacting quickly to findings that are based on our collective experiences, successes and failures. We strongly believe that power comes from sharing knowledge, not from keeping it. We are open to continuously changing our beliefs and processes based on new learnings. We see change as an opportunity to improve. Our learning mindset ensures we reflect and learn from these experiences to adapt quickly. We do not stand still, are curious by nature and seek to continuously learn.